A friend and I have been discussing the pros and cons of Twitter’s ethos for going too far in some directions and not far enough in others. We have both been watching as the social media giant (as well as others) navigates these tough waters trying to find buoyancy. We have seen some pretty big fails.

One of the most recent stories of ‘Twitter Gone Too Far’ is the attached tweets.

Like many, I have been watching and listening as people continue to refer to the Insurrection that took place on January 6, 2021 at the US Capital as a ‘white supremacist’ event. For me, it is an oversimplification that dismisses the involvement of a number of people who participated that are not white supremacists or even of color. In addition, also gives white supremacist more credit than they deserve or take.

While there is no denying that white supremacist groups were pretty well represented at the event, the majority of individuals present were not there to fight to maintain the…

Like many others these days, I am one of those individuals who really enjoy getting technology feedback on how my body is doing. I like knowing how technology rates my sleep. I value having the ability to visibly see how active I am being in a given day, week or month. If I am using a good device, the information is empowering. It is a digital cheerleader that helps me in my health feedback loop.

Since 2008, Fitbit has been the most mainstream fitness tracker on the market with other less-known competitors straggling comfortably behind. The fact that it took…

While I watch different factions and sub-factions of factions grandstanding on TV taking credit for Joe Biden winning the election, I thought I would help all involved with the correct answer to this question.

Who should get to take ultimate credit for the win …

· Should people of color who exercised their right to vote, turning out a bigger vote than they had in previous elections, get to take ultimate credit for the final push to get Joe Biden elected?

· Or do women of color who exercised their right to vote, who turned out a bigger vote than…

Am Cashman

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